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3 Crystals to Keep in Your Car

3 Crystals to Keep in Your Car

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You will receive 3 crystals. The gift bag color will be random.

Note: These are natural gemstones, expect variance in color/pattern and size. These are stock photos, you likely won't receive the stones pictured except for specific listings. We do not accommodate requests for specific size or color/pattern crystals, all are chosen intuitively. Crystals will be rough or tumbled depending on availability. Ethically Sourced.

 ** Stones should be kept out of direct sunlight. Do not leave stones on dashboard or in windows. Keep stones in glove compartment, middle console storage, backseat pocket, trunk or other place in vehicle away from direct sunlight.

Amethyst: Artist Stone or the Composer’s Stone, Amethyst controls evil thoughts, increases intelligence, and is protection from disease and infection. Amethyst will enhance your creativity and passion. It will strengthen your imagination and intuition. Amethyst is beneficial in new ideas and bringing projects to fruition. It is known for focus and success.

Clear Quartz: Perfect Jewel, Clear Quartz is the most versatile and multi-dimensional stone. It can be used for healing, meditation, expanding one’s consciousness, attracting love or wealth, past-life recall, or any other purpose.

Obsidian:Often referred to as Glass Agate, Black Obsidian is a truth-enhancing, strongly protective stone that forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attacks and absorbs negative energies. It draws out mental stress and tension.


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