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Rough Peach Moonstone

Rough Peach Moonstone

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Note: These are natural gemstones, expect variance in color/pattern and size. These are stock photos, you likely won't receive the stones pictured except for specific listings. We do not accommodate requests for specific size or color/pattern crystals, all are chosen intuitively. Ethically Sourced.

Often referred to as the Traveler’s Stone, Peach Moonstone supports the heart as it stimulates the mind. It soothes worry and anxiety and brings out the best in people. Moonstone opens the mind to hoping and wishing, inspiration and impulse, serenity and synchronization. It brings insight and allows one to absorb what is needed from the universe but not necessarily what is wanted.

Moonstone is beneficial to the Crown chakra and cleanses and dispels negative energy from all the chakras. It provides supplemental energy and support in balancing the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. It provides spiritual nourishment to assist through all changes. 

Moonstone provides protection to those who travel, especially at night. It opens the heart to nurturing qualities and assists in accepting love. It is a perfect crystal for new love and can reunite loved ones who parted in anger. 

Size: ~1” - 2”

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