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7 Chakras & Quartz Bracelet, 8mm

7 Chakras & Quartz Bracelet, 8mm

Giá thông thường $25.55
Giá thông thường Giá bán $25.55
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Note: These are natural gemstones, expect variance in color/pattern and size. These are stock photos, you likely won't receive the stones pictured except for specific listings. We do not accommodate requests for specific size or color/pattern crystals, all are chosen intuitively. Ethically Sourced.

Get aligned with the 7 Chakras bracelet! Made with 7 different crystals that each work to align, balance, and recharge your chakras. Made of elastic and authentic gemstones.

Amethyst: Crown

Lapis Lazuli: Third Eye

Sodalite: Throat

Green Aventurine: Heart

Yellow Aventurine: Solar Plexus

Carnelian: Sacral

Red Jasper: Root

Made of elastic.

Rose Quartz is beneficial to the Heart and Root chakras. Rose Quartz is the most important crystal for the Heart chakra and will teach the true essence of love and how to purify and open the heart at all levels. It can also balance the yin-yang energy and bring other chakras into harmony with the Heart. It gently stimulates the Base chakra and helps rejuvenate the physical body.

Amethyst is beneficial to the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric chakras. It will enhance your cognitive perception and accelerate the development of your psychic and intuitive abilities. It is a stone of comfort for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Clear Quartz increases awareness and clarity in thinking, enhances energy, perseverance, and patience. It is a master healer and can be used for any condition. It will bring the body into balance. Carrying or meditating with Clear Quartz will open the heart and mind to higher guidance. It will amplify whatever energy or intent is programmed into it.

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