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Rose of Jericho Flower

Rose of Jericho Flower

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Rose of Jericho, or Jericho Flower (Selaginella Lepidophylla) is a desert plant known for it's "resurrection" ability. When placed in water, the flower comes to life. This everlasting plant has been used for centuries to remove negative energy, bring abundance and prosperity.

Instructions: Place the Rose of Jericho bundle in a bowl of water (you can use Holy Water, tap water, moon water, etc.) and watch it "resurrect" back to life within several hours. It is recommended to change water daily and removing the flower 1-2 days each week to increase longevity. You can completely submerge the flower or cover only the bottom of it with water. It is not recommended to use salt water.

How to Use: You can place coins in the water with your Jericho flower to increase abundance and prosperity. Or remove the flower from water and place crystals on top to charge them. You can sprinkle the water the flower was previously submerged in around your home for blessings, good fortune, or to remove negative energy.

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Ethically sourced & sustainably harvested.

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